BREAKING: NRA Makes Massive Announcement About Eric Holder’s Replacement

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(Conservative Tribune) Several months ago, conservatives and libertarians let out a cheer after the imminent resignation of the contemptible Attorney General Eric Holder was announced.

However, he is still here, no doubt because Loretta Lynch, President Obama’s chosen replacement for him, is seemingly just as bad as he is, and support for her in the Senate is faltering.

Lynch is having a hard time finding friends in the Senate due to her support for such things as civil asset forfeiture, her role in covering up for corrupt financial institutions, the obvious racial chip on her shoulder, and the direct threat she poses to the gun rights of American citizens.

It is this threat to gun rights that has motivated the most opposition to her nomination as Attorney General, and the major gun rights groups are letting their feelings about her be known to all.

“As the nation’s top law enforcement officer, Lynch would almost certainly have an impact on our Second Amendment rights,” read a statement from the National Rifle Association‘s lobbying arm.

According to WND, the NRA believes that Lynch will support and pursue the same kinds of gun control regulations as her predecessor.

Dudley Brown, President of the National Association of Gun Rights, said, “Given her close personal and professional ties to this lawless administration, gun owners fully expect her to be Eric Holder 2.0.”

The NAGR has collected more than 170,000 signatures to a petition opposing Lynch’s nomination, and will be delivering that petition to all of the senators on Capitol Hill, adding to the increasing pressure against Obama’s AG pick.

The petition reads, “Disgraced anti-gun Attorney General Eric Holder is calling it quits. But make no mistake, Obama is determined to ram through his gun control agenda and has hand-picked Loretta Lynch.”

Even the gun rights group Gun Owners of America has joined in on the fray, putting together a letter of opposition to Lynch that they intend to deliver to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, which refers to Lynch as “Eric Holder in a skirt.”

Loretta Lynch certainly poses a threat to gun owners and gun rights supporters, and that in and of itself is reason enough to oppose her nomination to be the top law enforcement official in the country.

When one adds in her blatant racial bias, her love for big government, her complicity in corruption, and her obviously progressive liberal views, it becomes quite clear that Lynch not only should never be Attorney General, but should never hold a position of power anywhere.

—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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