BREAKING: Obama Asks Congress to Allow Use of Special Forces in Fight Against ISIS, Authorize Military Action


Following the death of Kayla Mueller, the last American hostage being held by ISIS, earlier this month, President Obama is formally asking Congress to essentially declare war on the Islamic State (aka ISIS/ISIL).

According to several media reports, lawmakers were sent a draft Authorization for the Use of Military Force. This measure would authorize 6 months of military use of force as well as give the president three years of authorization to continue the fight against the terror group.

According to Reuters, the authorization includes the limited use of special forces troops on the ground:

An outline of that request, expected to be handed to Congress on Wednesday, could stir debate over how U.S. troops should be deployed and the extent of U.S. engagement in Iraq and Syria.

The proposal would allow the use of special forces and advisors for defensive purposes but bar “enduring offensive ground forces,” lawmakers and aides said. It would not, however, set geographic limits for the campaign against the group.

Until now, Obama has justified U.S. air strikes in Iraq and Syria under a 2001 authorization passed after the Sept. 11 attacks and a 2002 authorization used by President George W. Bush in the Iraq war.

This measure would be considered a new Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), similar to the measures passed allowing President Bush to use military force in Iraq, Afghanistan, and in the War on Terror. This new AUMF would repeal the 2002 AUMF passed under Bush.

—Courtesy of Controversial Times

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