BREAKING: Obama Just Caught Trying to Sabotage New Clinton Email Investigation! This is SICK…

The FBI announced this past week that they will be reopening Hillary Clinton’s investigation and this time it will be investigated by their white collar crime division. This all happened after the discover of Anthony Weiner’s laptop that Hillary had said was gone. Weiner is the estranged husband of Huma Abedin, Clinton’s top aide. Well, President Obama tried pulling some dirty tricks on Clinton’s behalf.

President Obama attempted to step in in the seventh hour and he ordered Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General, to tell FBI Director James Comey to back off of Hillary Clinton and release the information the agency had to the public. But Comey refused. As Attorney General Loretta Lynch technically has control over the FBI.

Lynch tried telling Comey he was violation department policy by reopening the investigation. She apparently told him it would interfere with the election. Because after all the job of the government, or at least Obama’s, is to ensure that Democrat’s are elected even if it means holding information back.

Comey responded by saying,

“I also think it would be misleading to the American people were we not to supplement the record.”

It appears that President Obama and his elected cronies are finally realizing they cannot bully and convince everyone to do exactly what they want. Their world is crumbling around them. Especially for Hillary Clinton. No amount of dirty tricks can get them out of the mess that they have created all for themselves.

It also is nice to know that Comey is refusing to back down and will not be bullied by these cowards into doing their dirty work for them. When he did his job they congratulated him and loved him for dismissing the investigation. Now that he is releasing information and investigating new allegations they do not like him because he isn’t doing what they want. They have a mighty ironic and hypocritical platform there.

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