BREAKING: Obama Quietly Issues Massive New Executive Order… Media Ignores


What’s new? we have an emperor with a pen, not a president.

From The Conservative Tribune: Last month, a federal judge issued a temporary injunction against President Barack Obama’s unilateral changes to immigration laws, bringing to a halt the implementation of his unconstitutional amnesty for illegal immigrants.

However, the Obama administration has more or less ignored the judge’s order and are pushing ahead with their plans in spite of the injunction.

Just this week, Obama announced yet another unilateral executive action to change immigration laws, this time significantly loosening the rules surrounding a certain type of guest worker visa, known as an L-1B visa.

The L-1B visa program allows multinational corporations to transfer employees from foreign countries into the United States, provided they have some sort of “specialized knowledge,” a broad and generalized term that can apply to virtually anything.

With no strict guidelines in the program governing worker pay, these foreign workers can be paid the same as what they earn in their home countries, often far less than what equivalent American workers earn, meaning American workers are replaced by foreign workers for a fraction of the cost.

According to the Washington Examiner, the rules surrounding the L-1B visa program were tightened up in 2006 after several incidents of abuse were discovered. Obama has now eased those rules, making them even looser than before and opening the door for widespread abuse of the program going forward.

Under Obama’s new rules, there is an exceptionally low threshold for companies to meet in order to get their L-1B visa workers approved. Virtually all applications would be approved, even if a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services adjudicator has doubts about particular workers.

When viewed in conjunction with Obama’s rule changes expanding and loosening H-1B visas, many critics fear that the already abused guest worker programs will be further abused, as cheap workers from the Middle East and southeast Asia are brought in to replace American workers.

Making matters worse, there is virtually no oversight of the L-1B visa program, meaning nobody really knows for sure how many L-1B workers are already in the country, where they are working, what they are being paid, or if they have overstayed their visa and are now in the country illegally.

While this move by Obama is infuriating, it comes as no surprise. Obama has made it quite clear that he holds more favor for foreign workers and companies than American workers and companies and is willingly undermining American sovereignty to weaken our stance on the world stage.


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