BREAKING: Obama Releases Illegal With THIS Deadly Disease Into the US


From the Conservative Tribune: It’s hard to fathom why the president of the United States would purposely let loose an illegal detainee diagnosed with a highly contagious disease that poses a serious health risk the residents of Arizona, but I suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised.

Four lawmakers recently forwarded a letter from the head of the Pinal County, Ariz., health department to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson pleading with him to keep the illegal alien in custody while he’s being treated for drug-resistant tuberculosis, or at the very least, pay for his treatment.

According to the letter, roughly 35 similar cases of illegals with tuberculosis occur each year in the state and the federal government has always footed the bill for what is usually a long-term treatment plan to make sure they’re completely disease-free.

But according to the lawmakers and Dr. Thomas Schryer, Director of Public Health for Pinal County, it was recently learned that a particular illegal alien with the disease is set to be released into the public because the feds feel they no longer have a legal basis to look after him.

“I demand (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and DHS rethink this awful decision and not release this dangerous individual. Such actions put our citizens at risk and will impose significant financial burdens on the County,” Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar said in a statement.

Not only are the feds planning on releasing him, but in order to continue his treatment, the financial burden will now fall on the Pinal County Health Department, which is completely unfair and a radical change in previous policy.

“From a public health perspective it is essential that anyone who is suffering from TB be treated so they are not a health threat to others, I request that ICE pay the costs of those who are released from their facility,” Dr. Schryer wrote (H/T Breitbart).

The bipartisan letter was signed and forwarded by Gosar, a Republican, along with Democrat Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick and Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake, both Republicans.

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