A little more than a week ago, a Staten Island grand jury decided not to indict the NYPD officer who was widely viewed as responsible for the death of Eric Garner.

The incident that resulted in Garner’s death was captured on cellphone video, and appeared to show an officer using an illegal “chokehold” on Garner to bring him down to the ground, a hold that could have contributed to the heart attack that ultimately killed Garner.

Of course there were cries of racism and police brutality, and protestors have taken to the streets around the country.

Garner’s family has called for peace though, and both his widow and daughter say the incident wasn’t racially motivated.

Now the main officer involved in the case is speaking out, through his attorney, and giving his side of the story, according to The Washington Times.

Daniel Pantaleo, the officer who took down Eric Garner, told investigators that he didn’t use a “chokehold” on Garner, but merely a “takedown maneuver” he had been taught as a rookie officer.

“He indicated he never used a chokehold,” said attorney Stuart London, who was present at the interview with several investigators, CNN reported.

“He used a takedown technique he was taught in the academy. He said he never exerted any pressure on the windpipe and never intended to injure Mr. Garner.”

London further explained that Pantaleo was simply trying to apprehend “someone who was non-compliant.”

He also said that Pantaleo’s interview with the investigators had gone as smoothly as could be expected, and that his client “was confident and related the facts in an accurate and professional manner,”

Other than the race baiters and those who automatically assume an anti-police stance, there are very few who thought that Officer Pantaleo deliberately tried to hurt or kill Eric Garner.

Most reasonable and rational people were able to view the video and understand that, while Pantaleo’s force may have been excessive for the crime at hand — and even that is debatable —  it wasn’t a deliberate attempt to kill an unarmed black man, as the race baiters in the media would have us believe.

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