BREAKING: PARIS ON FIRE! Muslims Swarm And Do The Unthinkable To Residents While They Sleep

Muslim refugees have taken over Europe, and what was once a beautiful country has erupted into chaos. The destruction and violence only seem to escalate daily because of liberal policies that coddle these individuals. That was evident over this past week when more violent protests broke out and a magnificent city burned.

As a lover of history, art and of course, delicious food this was one place I dreamt of visiting. That all has changed for me and many others after the influx of refugees poured into the “Old World”.  I had hoped that the leaders in these countries would get a handle on the violence, but that does not seem to be happening anytime soon.

Take for instance, what happened earlier this week in Paris, France. Intense protests broke out that lead to the city being burned and many injured. The riots stemmed from allegations of police brutality against a detainee. The opportunistic jihadists used this civil unrest time to scream “Allahu Akbar and light vehicles on fire.

Watch here:

According to Pamela Geller:

Five large areas have been reduced to no go areas for the past five nights as masked men cause mayhem on the streets.Now there are fears the fallout from allegations of police brutality could spread all over the country as unrest in the city grows. Residents have been on lockdown as armed police tried to tackle the rioters who have caused millions of pounds of damage.
The streets of Paris have been turned into no-go areas


This is exactly what happens when you allow these sorts of people into your country. Whether the officer did brutalize this person or not that does not give anyone the right to cause this sort of destruction. These refugees used this period of civil unrest to destroy a gorgeous city all in the name of jihad.

The only way any of this madness will end is when the people of Europe say enough is enough and kick them all out. Though I do not see that happening anytime soon. I just hope they wake up before it is too late.

What do you think?

H/T [ Truth Feed ]

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