BREAKING: Racist Riots To Hire Kaepernick Didn’t Work So Look What They’re Doing Now To Trump

Liberals never grow weary in their incessant efforts to find stupid things to be offended over. On Wednesday, hundreds of race-baiting liberals descended onto New York city to participate in a massive demonstration organized by the NAACP to protest the NFL’s “racism” of refusing to offer third-string quarterback Colin Kaepernick a multi-million dollar contract. After the NAACP and liberals failed miserably in their attempts to smear the NFL as a “racist organization,” now they’re going straight after Trump, with ridiculous plan was hatched on Thursday.

Ever since Colin Kaepernick took a knee to disrespect our national anthem last season, liberals have hijacked America’s favorite pass-time, transforming the football field into a platform to spew more of their anti-American and anti-cop rhetoric. Now we can’t even turn on a freaking game without having to endure another “oppressed” millionaire protesting our nation’s flag.

Hypocritically, liberals are perfectly fine for Kaepernick to play politics with American football, even though his actions of disrespecting our nation’s flag is a direct slap in the face to every American soldier who has fought, bled, and died for this country. But as soon as liberals found out that there were several pro-Trump teams whose owners donated to Trump’s campaign, they’re now outrageously calling for the destruction of these teams.

Not thoroughly satisfied with whining about their crappy player Colin Kaepernick not getting signed, they’re now planning to lead massive boycotts and demonstrations of these “pro-Trump” NFL teams.

Obama-supporting loudmouth Michael Skolnik, who has been out in full force leading the ridiculous #I’mWithCap protests, took to social media following the NCAA demonstration in New York City on Wednesday, proclaiming his new goal, which is to bankrupt all pro-Trump NFL teams.

Here’s who liberals are going after with a vengeance, but ironically, their boycott of these teams will only make them more popular among conservatives.

#1 Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys

Liberals’ first target to destroy is pro-Trump Dallas Cowboys coach Jerry Jones, who enraged liberals everywhere when he declared that all members of his team WOULD STAND for the National Anthem, as he feels the act is a “salute to our country and all of the people that have sacrificed so that we can have the liberties we have.” Jones is also on liberals target for donating $1 million contribution to Trump’s inaugural committee via Glenstone Limited Partnership.

#2 Dan Snyder, Washington Redskins

Synder caused liberals everywhere to collectively lose their minds after refusing to change the name of his team, after leftists tried to make the ridiculous claim that the Washington Redskins was a “racist” name. Synder has been very vocal about his support not only for America, but also for President Trump, where he donated $1 million contribution to Trump’s inaugural committee on December 16, 2016.

#3 Shad Khan, Jacksonville Jaguars

Although liberals normally get behind Muslims in America, they’ve completely turned their back on Shad Khan after he revealed that he and his wife had both voted for Trump and are “hard-core Republicans.” He donated $1 million to the inaugural committee for Trump, and now liberals believe that he should pay dearly, and are calling for the complete boycott of his team.

#4 Robert Kraft, New England Patriots

Ever since Kraft gave Trump a Patriots Superbowl Ring at the White House, liberals have have been outraged. Kraft also donated $1 million to Trump’s inauguration festivities, according to FEC filings that listed the donation as coming from the Kraft Group, which makes Kraft’s team a primary focus for liberals’ destruction.

#5 Stan Kroenke, LA Rams

Kroenke owns the Colorado Rapids of the MLS and English Soccer giants Arsenal, and is now on liberals’ hit list for donating $1 million to the inaugural committee.

#6 Bob McNair, Houston Texans

Liberals want Bob McNair’s team completely destroyed as well after learning the staunch Republican had donated $1 million to Trump, and is also one of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s largest donors.

#7 Woody Johnson, New York Jets

Woody Johnson was a top donor to Trump’s campaign, and also served as finance chair of Trump’s inaugural committee. Now he’s being massively targeted, as liberals believe in liberty and in rights as long as the person is not a Republican. Of course liberals were thoroughly pissed when the caught Trump and Johnson hanging out together during a recent game.

It’s amazing how liberals always portray themselves as the defenders of “free speech” and have no issue with racist players like Colin Kaepernick hijacking the football team with their anti-American political demonstrations. But God forbid that one of these team owners make their political sentiments about President Trump known. Then all the sudden it’s “time to boycott.” Hilariously, liberals’ latest whining fit will only make these team owners even more popular among conservatives, as it’s a refreshing breath of air to realize that not everyone in the NFL is a bunch of whiny anti-American douchebags like these protesting players are.

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