BREAKING: The REAL Reason Hillary Disappeared on Election Night just LEAKED! This is Bad…

Well, radio host Todd Kincannon from The Kincannon Show said he spoke to a CNN reporter who was with her on election night, and he leaked the REAL reason Hillary disappeared…



Kincannon said the attacks got so bad that her doctor had to step in and add sedatives to her alcohol just to calm her down.

And in case you are wondering why CNN would have avoided this massive story, Kincannon covered that too. According to him, CNN told the reporter to trash the story entirely to protect her!

Now, without video evidence it is hard to say how bad it really was. Still, this is not the first report we have heard about Hillary Clinton’s drinking or rage problems. There were many leaks from Secret Service during her time as First Lady that claimed the exact same thing.


See what I mean? That’s no way for a President to behave. Look, Hillary Clinton may be done, but that does not mean she is not still dangerous.

We need to expose her so people see that an alcoholic is NOT responsible enough to be any kind of leader! Share this if you wanna help out Drunk Hillary!

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