BREAKING: Secret Service On HIGH Alert After Disturbing Plan To Poison Trump Gets Out

The left has been foaming at the mouth ever since Donald Trump was elected as president. Instead of these liberals pulling up their underoos and moving on with their lives, they are constantly throwing temper tantrums. However, with most temper tantrums they usually don’t end up with death threats and the Secret Service needing to step in.

Yeah, well this is 2017 and the left has gone completely off the deep end.

Here are a few prime examples of how the left has lost their minds. When Donald Trump was elected, Madonna shared with her rabid fans that she thought about blowing up the White House. Then her twisted sister, Ashley Judd screeched that she was a proud “nasty woman” referring to the time Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a nasty woman in the debate.

Oh, but wait there’s more.

Then there was the time that Kathy Griffin decided to pose with a severed head of Donald Trump and have the audacity to call it art. Oh, and what about the time that rapper Snoop Dogg made a video that depicted the shooting of President Trump. Each and every time that these entitled celebrities get away with this sort of behavior only lets this behavior to continue. Now, former Food Network personality and current host of CNN’s Parts Unknown Anthony Bourdain has decided to weigh in with his nasty wish that has Secret Service on high alert.  

Just recently, the paparazzi stopped celeb chef Anthony Bourdain outside of an airport and asked him what he would cook for Donald Trump. Instead of the chef just declining to answer or making something up he had to show utter contempt for 45.

Breitbart News reports:

The former Food Network personality and current host of CNN’s Parts Unknown was caught outside LAX airport by a photographer for celebrity gossip website TMZ. Bourdain was asked whether or not he would go to North Korea to do a food show.

Bourdain said that everyone in North Korea is starving, so there is no reason to go there. He also called the diminutive dictator of the oppressed nation a series of obscene names, saying Kim Jong-un is a “chubby, evil little f***.”

But then the TMZ stringer asked what Bourdain would serve if he was asked to cater a dinner for President Trump.

Bourdain answered simply, “Hemlock,” appearing to admit he would poison the president if given the chance.

The TMZ reporter also asked about what the TV chef thinks of the president’s tweets, but all Bourdain gave was a shrug of his shoulders.

This isn’t the first time the TV food personality spoke about dining with the president. Last year, Bourdain said he would “absolutely f*cking not” dine with Trump.

Also in 2016, Bourdain insisted that he would boycott the restaurant in Trump’s Washington D.C. hotel.

“I will never eat in his restaurant,” Bourdain said right after Trump won the White House. “I have utter contempt for him, utter and complete contempt.”

You can watch the entire exchange here if you wish.

Now, you may be asking yourself what is hemlock, well, it just happens to be one of the dangerous plants on earth.

According to Mother Nature Network:

This is one of the most famous poisonous plants in history — it’s the flora responsible for killing Socrates. All parts of the plant contain the relatively simple alkaloid coniine which causes stomach pains, vomiting and progressive paralysis of the central nervous system.

Hemlock is also known by several common names, including devil’s porridge, beaver poison or poison parsley.

Yeah, that does not sound too appealing, right? 

Anthony Bourdain has been a longtime opponent of President Trump often speaking against him. Last year, when Bourdain was asked if he would have dinner with the president he said he would not since Trump was a narcissist.

Here is more from Independent UK:

World famous chef Anthony Bourdain has said he will not sit down to dinner with Donald Trump because the US President “only talks about himself and he’s only interested in himself”.

Mr. Bourdain, who ate with Barack Obama in Vietnam this year, told the New York Daily News he was unlikely to do with same with the current US leader.

“I can’t see the point, he only talks about himself and he’s only interested in himself,” he said “I can’t see that as being scintillating dinner conversation. Plus he eats his steak well done. I think that really settles it.”

This just goes to show you how unstable these liberals have become. No one has said that everyone has to agree with President Trump, in fact, it is encouraged to speak out when you disagree, however, it is quite another to wish harm. These lunatics on the left need to get a grip on reality and let it go already. They lost the election so they have two choices, they can get onboard with the rest of America or they can leave, but this constant division and death threats aren’t helping them. Actually, let them keep digging their hole it only gives Trump more votes in 2020.

H/T [ Gateway Pundit]



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