Arizona’s Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has long been warning about President Barack Obama’s lax immigration policies.

He says that the border will never be secure so long as Obama is in office.

According to WND, Sheriff Joe is issuing a warning to the American people again, this time over Obama’s unilateral changes to immigration law, which essentially grant a form of amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants.

He said that the executive actions taken by Obama will only encourage more illegal immigrants to try and cross the border, including those with criminal records and criminal intentions.

“One thing I’m really concerned [about],” Arpaio said, “this is going to open up more floodgates because everyone over [the border] is going to think, ‘Wait a minute, let’s come on in to the United States, and we’re going to get a free pass.’ So I think we’re going to see more people coming in to our country.”

Sheriff Joe, who has already sued the administration over their policies which prevent him from effectively doing his job, is now suing them once again over Obama’s executive amnesty.

“This unconstitutional act by the president will have a serious detrimental impact on my carrying out the duties and responsibilities for which I am charged as sheriff,” Arpaio’s lawsuit states.

Sheriff Joe’s biggest concern though is about the number of dangerous criminals who will end up on the streets because of Obama’s actions. He went on Aaron Klien’s New York radio show to discuss.

“For the last 9 months I’ve been doing reviews of all the people in my jail, which averages about 8,500,” Arpaio told Klein. “When I started checking every month all the inmates that are in the jail for state crimes, not for federal crimes, but they’re all here illegally. So we’re looking at 4,000. … Four thousand [illegal alien inmates], and 36 percent of those have been coming back to the jail over and over again, and for very serious crimes.”

“So what’s happening?” Arpaio asked. “Are they being deported, and they keep coming across that fence? Or are they let out the back door when we turn them over to the government?”

“I know the president with his new policy … he keeps saying we’re only going to deport the more violent criminals, but what does that mean?”

Arpaio continued. “All the others that have been arrested will never be deported? I’m concerned about that. They should be deported. They committed a crime … when they came over the border anyway.”

You can hear the entire interview below.

Sheriff Joe is right to be concerned about Obama’s latest moves regarding immigration.

Obama claims he will prioritize deportations for illegal immigrants with criminal records, but they haven’t been getting deported in the past, so why should anyone expect them to really be deported in the future?

The sheriff is also correct in stating that Obama’s announcement of amnesty, even if it is officially nuanced and partial, will open the floodgates to those in central and south America, as they are unaware of the finer points of Obama’s actions and are simply drawn by the notion that they won’t be deported if they can make it into America.


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