BREAKING: Shocking New Details Released About Woman Beheaded by Muslim in Oklahoma


New details have emerged regarding the woman who was violently beheaded by a domestic Islamic terrorist at an Oklahoma food plant in September.

Early media reports depicted the gruesome encounter as one where the radical Islamist,Alton Alexander Nolen, attacked and killed Colleen Hufford from behind.

But according to new reports, Hufford wasn’t just an innocent victim who didn’t put up a fight – she fought valiantly to save her own life. (H/T Viral.Buzz)

The man, who the media only said was a “recent” Muslim convert, actually had multiple social media postings on Facebook that professed his allegiance to the Islamic State.

But the FBI still classified the crime as “workplace violence” and not what it truly was – domestic terrorism.

Hufford suffered multiple defensive wounds as she fought the Islamist at every turn, doing everything she possibly could to protect her life.

The autopsy report clearly shows that she did not die with her back turned.

She had wounds across her hands, cheeks, arms and neck before she was injured enough that the Islamist was able to carry out the beheading.

“Evidence from the autopsy indicates Hufford put up a fight before her death. The autopsy describes multiple defensive injuries to both hands and her right arm and other injuries to Hufford’s cheek, chest and upper arm.”

Hufford was a hero in her own right. Though she ultimately lost the battle for her life, she gave it all she had.

But did Obama acknowledge her death? Not a bit. As a matter of fact, he never mentioned her name once in public.

Yet, Trayvon Martin could be his son, and Mike Brown’s death was a tragedy.

Hufford won’t get the attention she deserves. We have the utmost respect for this American woman for at least attempting to fight this Islamic monster off before he took her life for no reason.

The killer remains in jail, where he’ll rot for a long time to come or hopefully face the death penalty.

Courtesy of Conservative Tribune

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