BREAKING: Shocking Report Reveals Who Is Helping ISIS Cross US Borders

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 From The Conservative Tribune: Days after news of an Islamic State Group existing in Mexico just a few miles from the U.S. southern border is released, other news reveals drug cartels and human smuggling operations are helping the radical terrorist group cross the border.

In a report released by government watchdog Judicial Watch, human smugglers are working with Mexican drug cartels to help Islamic State operatives enter New Mexico and Texas from the Mexican border.

The report claims the Vicente Carrillo Fuentes Cartel and its enforcement arm known as the Barrio Azteca are believed to operate in the area.

Cartel control in this region of Mexico was a deliberate choice, states the report. The “understaffed municipal and county police forces, and the relative safe-havens the areas provide for the unchecked large-scale drug smuggling” make a perfect environment for entering the U.S. (H/T The New American)

Human smuggling operations also help the terror group move across the southern border. The report noted human smuggling is particularly active near Sunland Park and Fort Hancock.

Judicial Watchdog is quick to point out that the idea of Islamic State terrorists working with drug and human smugglers is hardly far-fetched. The agency maintains that while the government claims to be waging a war on terror, the border remains unprotected.

The report also asserts the Obama administration has been “openly supporting and arming self-declared al-Qaeda leaders — Libya, Syria, and beyond,” which makes the war on terror “sound like a giant fraud.”

The report also indicates that if the war on terror looks bleak, the war on drugs looks even worse. It references a report released last year in which “The New American” claims the U.S. government had a “secret agreement with the ruthless Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel for over a decade that allowed it to operate with impunity under multiple presidential administrations.”

This isn’t surprising considering the Obama administration’s refusing to enforce immigration laws and Attorney General Eric Holder‘s involvement with operation “Fast and Furious.”

This news demands attention and immediate action.

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