President Barack Obama just keeps getting more bad news about his signature healthcare reform law.

Enrollment is shrinking, the federal subsidies are in danger of being struck down by theSupreme Court, and the law is hugely unpopular.

Add to that the string of videos that have recently been released showing Obamacare “architect” Jonathan Gruber gleefully explaining how deliberate deception, manipulation, and outright fraud were used by Democrats and the Obama administration in crafting and passing the controversial Affordable Care Act. (H/T TPNN)

Gruber, who made millions of dollars off of various government contracts, served as an architect for and adviser on Obamacare.

In the different videos, Gruber notes how the law was deliberately written in a vague, ambiguous, and “tortuous” way, with tons of legalese, for the express purpose of hiding the law’s true motives and intentions, and tricking the Congressional Budget Office, along with “stupid” American voters, into supporting the faulty law.

In one of the videos, Gruber talks about a meeting in the Oval Office, in which Obama himself took part in brainstorming ways in which deceptive language could be used to hide the true intentions and outcomes of the law.

The response of liberals to the outing of Gruber’s candid comments has been laughable.

The mainstream media has remained virtually silent on the whole situation, while politicians like Nancy Pelosi are denying even knowing Gruber, despite video evidence of her touting him as an expert, and her featuring his analysis of the law on her own website.

Other liberals are furiously spinning like tops in a futile attempt to portray Gruber’s comments in a positive light and escape the obvious truth that liberals lied about the law in order to get it passed.

The truth is, there is no more denying that Obamacare is bad news, and the Obama administration has deliberately and repeatedly lied to, deceived, and manipulated the public to gain support for their socialistic and redistributive healthcare scam.

Barack Obama is caught squarely in the middle of this giant scheme, and no amount of squirming, spinning, distancing, or outright lying can get him out of it.  All of America knows that Obama deliberately lied to them about Obamacare.

This horrible law should be immediately repealed and replaced, and Obama should suffer the consequences of deliberately misleading the American public about his radical agenda to takeover the health insurance industry.


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