BREAKING: Soros’ Sick Secret List Just Exposed, Here’s The Damning Reason Paul Ryan Is First On It!

BREAKING: Soros' Sick Secret List Just Exposed, Here's The Damning Reason Paul Ryan Is First On It!

Liberals claim to be the ones concerned about money in politics, but they only really are when its rich Republicans putting money in. Next to the Koch brothers, George Soros is the richest man in the political sphere, and he donates much more to Democrats than the Kochs do to Republicans.

From 2001 to 2010, the Koch brothers invested $1.5 million in other political groups, called 527 organizations, compared to Soros’ whopping $32.5 million. Soros is ranked 19th on the Forbes 400 with a net worth of $24.9 billion.

Even more shocking, while his reputation is as a major backer of insane leftist causes, he’s been sneaking money to a number of top Republicans as well. According to Red State Watcher:

George Soros, donated tens of thousands of dollars to top Republicans who fought against President Donald Trump in 2016, donation records compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics show.

In total, executives with the Soros-founded company pushed $36,800 into the coffers of these GOP candidates just this past cycle. That does not include Super PACs or campaign committees, which saw tens of thousands of dollars more. While these numbers for Republicans pale in comparison to the millions upon millions poured into Democratic groups, causes, and candidates, it is significant that Soros executives are making a play inside the GOP. Perhaps even more significant is the type of Republican they aim to prop up: pro-amnesty, pro-open borders on trade, and generally speaking anti-Trump. A pattern emerges when looking at the policies of the Republicans that these Soros Fund Management executives support financially.

So he’s not just funding leftist insanity, he’s trying to support RINOs. And who was the biggest recipient of Soros’ cash? Paul Ryan, who received $10,800 total from the employees of Soros Fund Management.

Additionally, Lindsey Graham received $3,500, Marco Rubio, Jeb! Bush, and John Kasich all received $2,700 each.

If there’s anything positive to be said about this, I suppose it’s that Soros can’t seem to be able to throw money at winning candidates.

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