BREAKING: Source Of Turkey Coup Exposed… Obama In Panic Mode

What a record of disaster Obama’s foreign policy has been.

The Taliban is the largest they’ve been since 9/11. ISIS has sprung up, and conquered the Middle East the second we list. Obama has supported disasters like the Arab Spring, which I’ll never understand why anyone thought was a good idea.

Now, Barack Obama is supporting Turkey’s President following the attempted coup in his country. There’s just one problem; according to one source, the coup was just a Trojan horse.

Via Conservative Tribune

President Barack Obama has been unwavering in his support for Turkey’s Islamist strongman, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Even during the Turkish coup, supposedly precipitated by elements of the Turkish armed forces, White House spokesman Josh Earnest emphasized “the strong commitment of the United States to the democratically elected civilian government of Turkey.”

“The president pledged any needed assistance to the Turkish government as they conduct an investigation to determine exactly what happened,” Earnest added, according to SBS.

After all that, though, it looks like President Obama may have picked the wrong side for the American people … again.

Ilhan Tanir, a Middle Eastern political analyst, tweeted a revelation from an article in the German magazine Focus which has not yet been posted online. A translated excerpt from the article intimated that Erdoğan may have engineered the coup as an excuse to conduct purges.

The piece reported that “Half an hour after the shooting started the British intelligence service GCHQ intercepted phone calls, emails and SMS (text messages) from within the Turkish government apparatus saying that the purges would start the next day and that Gülen should be presented as the mastermind of the coup.”

If this ends up being true, this will be a damning indictment of Erdogan – and by proxy, Barack Obama.

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