BREAKING: Susan Rice Just Broke Her Silence To Send SICK Message To Trump Directly – Backfires BIG Time

It has been quite the revealing week, hasn’t it? The country learned that former national security adviser Susan Rice was involved in spying on Trump’s transition team. Of course, the mainstream media is doing its best to cover this up, but we know the truth. Rice was absolutely involved in this and needs to be held accountable for her treasonous act. However, instead of admitting her fault, Rice continues with her arrogant behavior and sends this sick message to President Trump.

Today on MSNBC Susan Rice attempted to make her case to Andrea Mitchell that she did nothing wrong. “The allegation is that somehow, Obama administration officials utilized intelligence for political purposes,”

“The allegation is that somehow, Obama administration officials utilized intelligence for political purposes,” Rice said. “That’s absolutely false.”

“The notion, which some people are trying to suggest, that by asking for the identity of the American person is the same is leaking it — that’s completely false,” Rice added. “There is no equivalence between so-called unmasking and leaking.”

“I leaked nothing to nobody,” she said.

Well, while Rice may think this is helping her case it has backfired on her as usual. Trump is well aware of what this traitor has done, and she is not going to get out of it this time.

Yesterday Sen. Rand Paul said that Susan Rice should testify before Congress on her request to unmask the names of Trump transition officials.

And, I agree with him 100%.

These people need to answer for their crimes and the American people deserve justice. Rice may think that she will get away with this, but we the American people must demand that does not happen.

What do you think about this? Will Rice get away with this crime or will Trump’s team put her behind bars?

H/T [ Western Journalism ]

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