BREAKING: Ted Cruz Drops Bombshell About Obama and Radical Muslims


President Barack Obama’s lip service to France in the wake of the worst terrorist attacks on that country in decades has drawn fire from numerous circles.

Even The New York Daily News — hardly a right-wing media outlet — argued that Obama and his administration had “let the world down” by not having a senior official present at Sunday’s anti-terrorism march.

Unsurprisingly, Sen. Ted Cruz agreed. Speaking Monday at the Heritage Action for America’s second annual policy summit, the outspoken Texas Republican said that the failure of Obama to lead the free world in this way “encourages radical Islamic terrorists.”

In the video, available below, Cruz said that America owed France a debt of gratitude for standing with us after the 9/11 attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center.

“In the immediate aftermath of September 11, nations across the world came and stood with America. The nation of France stood with America,” he said. “It was sad and unfortunate that we have not seen that same leadership with this administration now.”

But failure to repay that service to France was among the least of Cruz’s actual worries.

“And I would note that lack of seriousness and purpose, that lack of resolve, is profoundly dangerous,” he argued. “It’s dangerous because it encourages radical Islamic terrorists to redouble their efforts and it’s dangerous because nations like Iran see that weakness.”

Given Cruz’s contention that a nuclear-capable Iran is the greatest current threat to America’s national security, his concern for that nation’s perception of Obama’s weakness is quite understandable.

You can watch Cruz’s comments here, courtesy of Breitbart:

Obama may be thinking that staying on the sidelines somehow keeps America safer, like being quiet on the bus when someone bullies your friend.

He’s wrong — bullies always look for new targets.

Remaining quiet in the face of barbaric acts of Islamic terror is not only misguided; it’s cowardly. In fact, it’s un-American.

—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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