BREAKING: Terror Threat Released For This Major US City During Muslim Holiday Of Ramadan

Las Vegas is on high alert after an ISIS terror threat video gained viral traction. Extra police were called in and people have eyes wide open as they drift into the Memorial Day weekend.

The video is from 2015, but has resurfaced and brings fresh concerns after the recent Ariana Grande bomb attack. This video runs almost 45 minutes and focuses on iconic hotels along the Vegas strip and seems to call for solo attacks using knives and trucks. The main target area is the “Strip” which is where most tourists, gamblers, and escorts spend their time walking up and down the street enjoying themselves and looking for a party. Or in the escort’s case, a “good time.”

If terrorists were smart, then they would go to Vegas and blow off some steam with the escort business instead of blowing themselves up. These women aren’t virgins, but the terrorists can always pretend. If the terrorists have money to get to Vegas, then a few more bucks and a phone call to one of those hilarious business cards and they can pretend 72 virgins are in the room with them. Sure, it will just be some beat up crusty hooker running her recycled body in and out of the gutter, but it’s better than detonating an explosive and destroying yourself. She might smell like trash truck juice and Colt 45, but dammit she’s cheap and you’re on a budget!

Police and counter-terrorism officials in Las Vegas are on alert after an ISIS propaganda video calling for lone wolf knife and truck attacks on the city’s famed Strip has been deemed a credible threat.

The threat emerged last week in a sick 44-minute video from the terrorist group that showed footage of Caesar’s Palace, the Bellagio Hotel and other icons from the casino row on South Las Vegas Boulevard. 

What’s the point of blowing up Vegas? They’ll just rebuild it. Anytime there’s an explosion in any location, the resilience of the human race shines through and people rebuild and rebound. They overcome. This is why terrorism is not effective and if the terrorists spend a few moments thinking logically, then they would realize that what they’re doing has not ever impacted people in a way that things have drastically changed. The only thing that terrorism does is make people hate Muslims.

It would be better if there was no terrorism and no hatred. But, we can’t get to that point unless the terrorists stop blowing things up. Terrorists don’t realize that when they kill themselves in an explosive attack, that THAT is it. There’s no afterlife. There’s no virgins. There’s no heaven or hell waiting for them. It’s just their body being scraped off the ground like someone dropped an egg on the floor in a diner. There is literally less than NO point to a terror attack.

Though the footage has been determined to be from 2015, authorities are taking no chances in the wake of the Manchester Arena massacre, and as the coming Memorial Day holiday weekend is expected to bring big crowds to The Strip. 

Everyone should be on high alert anyway. It doesn’t make sense to not be on high alert. Always be aware of surroundings and activity. Every city should have an anti-terrorism group who monitors suspicious activity. Every city in every country should have this. Why wouldn’t they?

‘I think anytime somebody goes on the internet and makes a threat that they’re going to conduct a lone-wolf or any type of attack, it’s our responsibility to view it as a credible threat,’ Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Capt. Christopher Darcy, who heads the Southern Nevada Counter-Terrorism Center, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal

A terrorist threat is much more serious than a teenager calling a bomb threat to their high school so they can get out of taking an exam because they stayed up playing Xbox or chatting with friends on Facebook. It would be silly to not take threats serious. Always take a look and a second look into each one. Some people might say that’s a lot of work, but if that’s what it takes to keep citizens in every country safe, then local governments should embrace extra security.

It’s always better to be extra safe, than to not be safe at all.

And all this on the heels of multiple overseas ISIS attacks. At Least 23 Christians were killed in Egypt when terrorist targeted them, According to Mediaite:


At least 23 Coptic Christians have been killed in a terrorist attack in Egypt, the BBC and multiple outlets reported early Friday morning. Another 25 have are reported injured.

The attack took place in the Egyptian province of Minya when a gunman opened fire on a crowded bus heading to a local monastery.

It’s not the first time minority Christians have been targeted in the country. Only last month, dozens were killed and more than a hundred were injured after two separate bombing on Copts. The attack garnered a presidential condemnation on Donald Trump’s Twitter feed. ISIS later claimed responsibility.  In December, 2016, another 25 were killed when a bomb destroyed a Coptic Christian cathedral.

“I think what we’re beginning to see, and I hate to say it, is a beginning exodus of Christians through the Middle East,” said Council on Foreign Relations President Richard N. Haass on Morning Joe.  “They are targeted and don’t feel safe.

Haass then compared the situation to the the Jewish experience in these countries decades ago.

“This reminds me when the jews were forced to leave the Middle East decades ago. This is the second great exodus and it will be just as bad for the Middle East.”

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