BREAKING: Texas “Shariah Law” Court Busted Doing Something HIGHLY Illegal (VIDEO)


It was discovered a few weeks ago that an Islamic Tribunal had been established in the Dallas, Texas area, to deal with religious and family matters for the Muslim population of north Texas.

The Tribunal has raised a fair and legitimate bit of concern, as it admittedly utilizes Sharia law to decide its cases, not American law or the Constitution, which are incompatible with Shariah in areas such as protection of equal rights for women and children.

The Blaze’s Glenn Beck recently sat down with a couple of the Imams at the Tribunal to ask them some questions about what goes on there.

Although they danced and squirmed around the questions, they ultimately admitted that, yes, in fact, they do use Shariah law to determine punishments for civil and family affairs brought before them.

They adamantly denied that they would be considering any criminal cases, but their definition of what counts as “family” law and “criminal” law differs from American definitions, with quite a bit of crossover between the two.

However, the Tribunal may end up being a short-lived venture, as the Tribunal’s “attorneys” don’t actually hold law degrees, nor are they recognized by the Texas Bar.

Lawrence Jones, a contributor to The Blaze‘s “Dana” show, had been investigating the Tribunal when he discovered that they were claiming to be attorneys on their website.

“You cannot say that you’re an attorney in the United States of America, and you have no documentation — especially in Texas,” Jones told Dana Loesch on Tuesday’s show.

Jones brought this fact to the attention of the Texas Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee by filing an official complaint with them over the Islamic Tribunal.

“I called the state and I called the chair, I actually spoke with him today,” Jones said. “He made it very clear that they have received my complaint. We were one of the first ones to actually get that complaint in. And there is a large group of people that are bringing this same concern.”

For what it is worth, the Tribunal has since removed all instances of the word “attorneys” from their website.

Even still, these men purport to be lawyers and attorneys and judges when they are really nothing of the sort, at least as far as Texas law is concerned.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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