BREAKING: The Senate Only Needs 1 More Vote to Completely WRECK Obama’s Agenda

Barack Obama

From the Conservative Tribune:The Obama administration’s performance at the P5+1 negotiations was one of the most ill-considered performances in diplomatic history. Our commander in chief vouchsafed for one of our enemies, alienated one of our most important allies and did little to curb Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

And now, after all that, it could ultimately be for naught.

According to Roll Call, a bill that would essentially kill the treaty in its current form is one vote away from passing the Senate with a veto-proof majority, taking Obama’s phone and pen and rendering them moot.

The bill, which was put forward by Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., and Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., would forbid the president from lifting congressionally-applied sanctions on the pariah state for two months while the treaty was under Senate review.

Without sanctions relief on the Iranians, the deal in its current form would essentially be dead.

Virginia Democrat Mark Warner became the 66th senator to officially support the bill, leaving it one vote away from having a veto-proof majority.

The White House has argued against the bill, saying that it would diminish the president’s negotiating power — meaning that, I suppose, Iran gets to keep a few thousand more centrifuges than it already does. I’m not quite clear on how this deal could get any worse, but according to the administration, it can.

Meanwhile, the Senate is holding firm on its advise and consent role in the Iran matter.

“Throughout this process, the administration has said Congress has a role to play,” a Senate Democratic aide told reporters.

“It does seem like that role to play is now. With the framework of an agreed announcement in place, I suspect Congress will be more inclined to do something rather than nothing. The Corker bill is that something.”

Of course, Sen. Menendez managed to get indicted on corruption charges after he co-sponsored the bill, so I would hate to see what happens to whatever Democrat becomes the 67th vote.

I predict the guillotine. Swift, classy and French. The Democrats love French.

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