BREAKING: These 3 States Just Made a Huge Move to ABOLISH Concealed Carry Permits


(The Conservative TribuneMost of our readers know that every American citizen is issued a concealed carry permit when we’re born. It’s known as the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

While the Founders would agree with the statement above, modern day government chooses to interpret it differently — leaving it to the states to decide if they want to abide by the document that this great nation was founded upon.

Three states, including Kansas, New Hampshire and West Virginia, recently decided that constitutional carry, the name given to a bill that legalizes both open and concealed carry, is the only gun “law” that an American citizen needs.

One major loophole that the constitutional carry bill closes is the fact that in some states where open carry is legal, the act of slipping on a coat or jacket over your firearm essentially turns you into a law-breaking criminal, as the firearm then becomes “concealed.”

Other states around the nation are advancing pro-gun legislation, marking major victories for Second Amendment supporters and proving once again that the billions of dollars spent by the anti-gun lobby is a massive waste of money.

All three state senates have had Constitutional carry bills passed, paving the way for additional states to follow (H/T Controversial Times).

States like Illinois, the last state in the nation to pass a concealed carry law, will likely be the last to enact any kind of constitutional carry laws as they’re currently enjoying revenue from the permits and training, which costs several hundred dollars for state residents wishing to complete the permit application.

We applaud the states who have passed measures to abolish concealed carry permits and the ones currently sending legislation through their legislative bodies.

The Second Amendment wasn’t designed to be interpreted by federal and state government — it’s constitutional law and it’s about time that state and federal legislators recognize that.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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