BREAKING: Trump Just Rained Down Hell On ISIS Compound Overnight – You Won’t Believe Who 90 Army Badasses Got Inside!

Donald Trump promised us that if he was elected president, there would be so much winning that we’d grow weary of it. It appears as though our new president is in fact keeping his word. Ever since he got into office he’s been bombing the absolute %^&$ of our enemies, sending these inbred morons back to the sixth century where they belong. As terrorists around the globe continue to get massive amounts of America’s “winning” on top of their heads, what just happened over the past week has ravaged ISIS so much that their entire force is in mourning as news of the destruction was finally released this over the weekend.

Several weeks ago, U.S. forces dropped the MOAB, or “mother of all bombs,” taking out a countless amount of their goat-molesting jihadists in Afghanistan. But President Trump wasn’t quite done sending these terrorists back home to Allah quite yet. Just to ensure that the job was adequately done, President Trump along with ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis decided to get a group an elite force of soldiers 90 strong to to carry out a raid right where the MOAB bomb was dropped, where 50 Army Rangers and 40 Special Operation Afghan Commandos were lowered by helicopter into the Nangarhar Province.

ISIS’ commander Hafiz Saeed Khan

Upon landing our Rangers were met with heavy fire and quickly called in air support from Apache helicopters, drones, F-16s, and an AC-130. During the fire fight, the Pentagon revealed that ISIS’ commander Hafiz Saeed Khan, Hasib’s predecessor, was blown to smithereens along with dozens of other ISIS fighters. Not only did this raid extensively damage ISIS’ forces physically, but psychologically as well, since this is the second commander killed by U.S. forces in the past nine months. Gen. John Nicholson said in a statement:

Head of NATO and U.S. forces in Afghanistan, U.S. Army Gen. John W. Nicholson

“This successful joint operation is another important step in our relentless campaign to defeat ISIS-K in 2017. This is the second ISIS-K emir we have killed in nine months, along with dozens of their leaders and hundreds of their fighters.”

In addition to taking out the ISIS commander, 35 other high-ranking commanders were also killed during the raid. These terrorists were a special caliber of filth, as Hasbib was responsible for beheading young girls and elders in front of their families, and also ordered an airstrike on a hospital several months back.

President Ashraf Ghani’s Office confirmed Hasib’s death in the attack over Twitter on Sunday.

“He [Hasbib]was responsible for ordering the attack on the 400-bed hospital in Kabul, kidnapped girls and beheaded elders in front of their families,” President Ashraf Ghani’s  office said.

This report comes just one week after U.S. forces took out a high-ranking Taliban commander in Afghanistan who had been on our wanted list all the way since 2011. As we previously reported:

A Taliban “shadow governor” by the name of Quari Tayib had been making quite a lot of trouble in the Kunduz Province of Afghanistan in recent years, forcing locals there to live underneath his iron fist. The Taliban’s top official was responsible for the deaths of many Americans since 2011, where he used his compound to conduct terrorism operations through the large group of insurgents that he commanded. But despite being the mac daddy jihadist in the area, his power would still not be able to save his life when badass American troops came calling.

In a report just released, the Pentagon confirms that President Trump’s latest airstrike devastated Taliban forces, taking out their commander Quari Tayib in the process.

“The strike was part of ongoing efforts to deny Taliban freedom of movement in the area,” the release added. The strike reportedly “targeted a compound Tayib owned and used for insurgents in the area. Eight additional Taliban fighters were killed in the strike.”

Quari Tayib had been on our military’s target for quite some time, but under Obama, Tayib’s death never came. The The U.K. Guardian reveals how these shadow governors act behind the scenes directing activities of Taliban insurgents in each providence, where their power in southern Afghanistan is getting out of control.

It’s so vital that we wipe these degenerates off the face of the planet while President Trump is still in office. If we get another Muslim terrorist in the White House like Barack Hussein Obama, ISIS could rapidly spread their forces across the globe, as they’re already infiltrating countries by sneaking in as refugees.

H/T [American Military News]

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