BREAKING: TRUMP ATTACKER and Hillary Supporter – Has HIS DEAD GRANDMA VOTING at His Reno Address

Donald Trump is always making headlines but the reason he did last night will shock you. He was giving a speech at a rally for his campaign in Reno, Nevada prior to the upcoming general election this week when a attendant yelled, “gun! gun!.”

The mans name is Austin Crites and he is a Hillary Clinton supporter. As a result, the Secret Service detail for Trump immediately rushed Trump off the stage. Very little is known about Crites except for the following. It is unconfirmed but potentially he harassed Trump prior to his antics at the rally. He had a recently set up Facebook page with Hillary’s campaign symbols as his profile picture.

He carried a sign that was derogatory towards Donald Trump. He attempted to incite violence in other attendees at the rally as can be seen by the dozens who were running away from the stage as Crites was being tackled.

Watch a video of the events here,


Oddly enough Crites was actually mentioned in some Wikileaks emails that were dumped. Besides the obvious crimes he committed by trying to attack Trump or at least incite a riot he also has been caught committing voter fraud. Evidence shows that his deceased grandmother has been voting in the recent election!


It also shows that his brother is voting in a California address but the name is misspelled. Indicating that he has been voting under the alias of his brother as well as his grandmother. If you were not sure what voter fraud really was, well here you go. This is cold hard voter fraud.

Unfortunately, with the general election mere days away their is little that can be done to combat the voter fraud this is going to take place in this election. The real losers are the American people.

Ron Givens is a former Marine. He is a firearms instructor at Liberty Firearms Training in Elk Grove, CA. Ron also serves as the Sergeant at Arms for the Sacramento Republican Party. He was the national co-rally organizer to free Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi from the Mexican Prison. Ron frequently speaks to crowds as large as 5000 about the Second Amendment, and California politics.

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