BREAKING – Trump & Cruz Announce BRILLIANT Plan to STOP Obama & the UN

The rivalry between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz is known to anyone who has two ears and two eyes. A recent resolution was passed by the United Nations that has many conservatives upset. Especially Cruz. Now he is threatening to defund the United Nations until they reverse the order.

The resolution that passed without American veto will disallow the Israeli government from claiming particular Jewish settlements as their own legal and sovereign territory. Back in 2011 President Obama had vetoed an almost identical resolution. Cruz took to Twitter to say what he was going to do about this travesty of justice.

However, while Obama clearly does not care about our ally Israel, President Elect Donald Trump surely does. He will be taking traditional policy stances once he takes office in reference to Israel and our other allies. Cruz is right though. The United Nations had no right to dictate settlement agreements in that region as it infringes upon sovereignty.

UN ambassador Samantha Power could have single handedly vetoed the resolution with the United States veto power. As it has done in the past. But clearly Obama’s crony dutifully followed his orders.

Cruz stated,

“Never has there been a more anti-Israel Administration, and today’s United Nations vote is the culmination of their systemic agenda to weaken Israel and strengthen its enemies.”

These globalists are in for a rude awakening once Donald Trump takes office. Without American funding the United Nations would go broke considering we carry everyone else on our backs. Nikki Haley would never do anything like this. Israel’s Rome minister Netanyahu surely is excited to begin working with Trump.

A man he knows will be a good ally and not a fair weather friend like President Obama and his progressive pions. A new era and a new dawn is about to come upon us.


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