BREAKING: Trump Just Gave Mattis EPIC Order That Will Wipe Muslim Terrorists Off The Planet For Good!

Ever since Trump got into office, America’s enemies are quickly learning there’s a new sheriff in town. Gone are the days of our country being led by a pansy ass Muslim sympathizer, whose entire mission was to bring down the United States. If ISIS was panicking before with Trump’s air strikes on their forces began several weeks ago, they’re no doubt crapping their pants over the news that was just released by the Pentagon today.

In a breaking report from the The Associated Press, we are learning that President Trump has just completely unleashed his Defense Secretary ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis to do whatever it takes to obliterate ISIS back into the Stone Age, and he’s giving Mattis our entire freaking military to do it. Now Mattis will have full discretion to place troops and conduct airstrikes whenever the hell he wants, with the full force of the American military behind him. The president’s motive behind the move is so responsibility of military operations can be placed onto our military leaders, far away from the bureaucracy of the White House.

How Muslim terrorists will be reacting as soon as they hear this

“The decision will give Defense Secretary Jim Mattis the authority to send more forces into Syria, to assist U.S.-backed local troops as they move to retake Raqqa from the Islamic State group, which has used the city as a de facto capital,” The AP reported. “It will also let him adjust the force numbers in Iraq, in the ongoing fight to oust ISIS from Mosul and stabilize it as the rebuilding begins.”

Over the past few months we’ve been sending incremental additions of troop levels the region, but our military operations remain shrouded in mystery for the most part, as the Trump administration announced in March that they will no longer announce troop levels in the region, a complete 180 of how Obama would publicize major military moves so his terrorist buddies could prepare their retaliation in advance.

How freaking awesome is it that we finally have a leader that’s letting our military finally do their damn jobs! We need to eradicate ISIS as quickly as possible before these inbred morons can inflict further damage across the globe, as their bloody conquest to create a global Islamic caliphate is rapidly coming to fruition thanks to Obama’s treasonous antics over the past 8 years. The Daily Caller has more on this story:

U.S. Central Command will no longer give out the number of troops headed to Iraq or Syria in the fight against the Islamic State, the Pentagon declared Monday.

Washington will instead provide rough unit sizes of troops headed to the region. “It’s about capabilities not numbers,” CENTCOM spokesman Army Col. John Thomas told reporters. Thomas’s statement marks a major departure from the Obama administration’s focus on force management levels as a major element of U.S. policy making.

The Obama administration capped troop levels in several U.S. military areas of operations and frequently highlighted troop numbers as part of its drawdown strategies in Iraq and Afghanistan. Critics of the Obama administration said focus on troop levels arbitrarily constrained commanders trying to achieve larger strategic goals.

The Trump administration has shucked that policy and announced a slew of troop deployments to the middle east. The piecemeal announcements from the Trump administration of troop deployments include 400 Marines to Syria, 2500 troops to Kuwait, and another 200 troops to Iraq to support operations against the ISIS held city of Mosul.

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