BREAKING: Trump Makes MAJOR Announcement About Son Barron – Supporters Shocked

The left lost their minds after Donald Trump was elected as president. It was almost like they could not believe that so many could not stand Hillary Clinton, right? At any rate, instead of liberals focusing on bringing America together they decided to attack the Trump family, including Baron Trump.

These heartless liberals attacked a young boy all because he is the son of Donald Trump. At first, they mocked him for being shy and then it was where he was going to school. The Trump family made the responsible choice after the election to have Melania and Baron stay in New York till after the school year. Now, President Trump has made an announcement about his son’s future that has many people feeling surprised.

After months of waiting to see where Baron will attend school we finally have the answers. It has been reported that the Trump’s have decided to forego the usual Washington D.C. schools for something different. The Trump’s settled on sending Baron Trump to the prestigious St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in suburban Maryland. This school is not inexpensive either, and the tuition is $38,000 a year.

St. Andrews is a prestigious school located in Maryland.

Also, what is great about this school is the class sizes and the attention that young Baron will receive. Each class is about 11-15 students and the school only has 580 students in attendance. That means that these kids are getting an amazing education and teachers that are able to spend quality time with them all.

But, here is where the surprise comes guys. You see for years previous presidents that had school-age children sent them to Sidwell Friends. Barack and Michelle Obama as well as Bill and Hillary Clinton both, sent their kids there.

However, the Bush’s did not send their children there since they stayed behind in Texas. Though what is interesting to note is that Jenna Bush did attend St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Austin until she graduated in 2000, which was months before her George W. Bush took office as president.

Bill and Hillary Clinton sent Chelsea to Sidwell Friends school

Another thing to note is that one of the prerequisites to completing middle school at St. Andrew’s is taking a two-day field trip to a Washington, DC, church that runs a soup kitchen.

According to Daily Caller:

If Barron completes middle school at St. Andrew’s — which is 6th to 8th grades — he’ll be required to participate in “service learning activities.” In the 8th grade, students take a two-day field trip to a church in Washington that runs a soup kitchen. Students listen to a homeless person’s life story. They also “make, serve, and eat a meal with the homeless.”

In Trump’s second White House term (if there is one) and if Barron finishes up high school there, he’ll be expected to complete 20 hours of community service between his 9th and 11th grades and 60 hours in the last two weeks of his senior year.

A statement of the school’s philosophy reads as follows:

“St. Andrew’s programs are designed to serve students of varied interests and abilities capable of achievement in a challenging academic environment. To create such an environment, St. Andrew’s supports a dedicated faculty and administration who respect and appreciate students.”

This prestigious school also stresses “balance” and “compassion.”

“St. Andrew’s strives to challenge and support all of its students in a balanced program to nurture their academic, artistic, athletic, and spiritual growth. The school believes that developing each individual’s intellect, character, and sense of self-worth encourages each to live a creative and compassionate life.”

However, despite the school’s name it is not particularly religious:

“This phrase in the Philosophy Statement of St. Andrew’s is important to our school because of what it does and does not mean. It does not mean that we want to ‘make Episcopalians’ out of our students. The perspective of the Episcopal Church includes respect for other religious traditions and even for those periods of life when a person is not identified with a particular tradition. …We feel little compulsion to ‘defend God’ or traditional theological expressions.”

Well, I am glad that the Trump’s decided on a school for Baron. In my opinion, it appears that they made the right choice. I personally would not want to send my child to a school where the Obama’s and Clinton’s sent their spawn. I certainly hope that Baron Trump adjusts quickly to his new school.

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 H/T [ Truth Monitor ]

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