BREAKING: Trump Is Sending Murdering Thugs In Chicago Their WORST NIGHTMARE If They Don’t Comply With His 1 Demand Immediately

Ever since Donald Trump took office, he’s been proving to us that his pledge to “make America great again” wasn’t just talk. Since day #1 he’s been cleaning house by axing Obama’s policies through executive orders, banning immigrants from terror-ridden countries, blowing the sh*t out of ISIS, and nailing down final plans to build the wall. But now President Trump is cleaning up another mess that Obama left behind, a legacy of an massive murder rate in Chicago. And President Trump’s newly-revealed plan for the thugs in Chicago who refuse to quit murdering people has them in a mass panic.

Despite Obama’s rhetoric during presidency about being the advocate for blacks, reality is quite the opposite as the facts of the matter don’t lie. Crime in urban areas sky-rocketed under Obama, as black-on-black crime is the #1 killer of African-American men in this country. But President Trump will soon be putting an end to these thugs’ reign of terror, with a new plan that was revealed over Twitter on Wednesday.

Obama’s home town of Chicago’s remarkably high murder rate has garnered a massive amount of attention over the last year. Back in August, Trump claimed that the city’s murder problem could easily be solved “in a week” if police were actually allowed to do their jobs. But under Obama, we all know how that went, as our police were constantly demonized and painted as bigots whenever a black man was justifiably shot.

President Trump’s move to use federal agents to clean up Chicago would be unprecedented, since the President of the United States generally only calls in federal officials during natural disasters, or in cases where a city is being devastated. But being that murder in this city  is at a blistering rate, it looks like it’s time for America to think outside the box when it comes to solving the insane issue plaguing urban communities, and President Trump is just the man we need to clean up this horrendous mess.

H/T [Daily Caller]

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