BREAKING: Trump’s Travel Ban Just Blocked AGAIN After Who Secretly Met With Judge Today

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Ever since Trump became president, Obama has been massively butthurt, causing chaos and disruption whenever he gets half a chance. We are constantly hearing more and more about Obama’s malicious shadow government, as he heads up the anti-Trump resistance movement sweeping the nation. Now it appears as though Obama’s mysterious and unannounced trip to Hawaii earlier this week was all to drive the knife even further into President Trump’s back.

Seemingly out of no where, a federal judge in Hawaii issued a nationwide order Wednesday evening blocking Trump’s travel ban, dealing a massive blow to the President Trump that has Obama and all his little minions cheering. The New York times has more on this breaking news report:

The ruling was the second frustrating defeat for Mr. Trump’s travel ban, after a federal court in Seattle halted an earlier version of the executive order last month. Mr. Trump responded to that setback with fury, lashing out at the judiciary before ultimately abandoning the order.

He issued a new and narrower travel ban on March 6, with the aim of pre-empting new lawsuits by abandoning some of the most contentious elements of the first version.

Not surprisingly, the asinine order was made by a justice that Obama put into power.

U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson issued his ruling Wednesday after hearing arguments on Hawaii’s request for a temporary restraining order involving the ban.

“Are you saying we close our eyes to the sequence of statements before this?” Judge Watson, who was appointed by former President Barack Obama, asked in a hearing Wednesday before he ruled against the administration.

President Trump’s travel ban was put in place to keep us safe, and it’s absolutely infurating that liberal morons across the country are playing these political correctness games that could have huge implications for the future safety of America. It’s only a matter a time before one of these unvetted vermin commit an act of terror on our soil, and THAT will be on YOUR conscience, liberals!

H/T [NY Times]

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