BREAKING – Turkey Investigates Man Who Killed Russian Ambassador, Obama Connection CONFIRMED

The assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, has yet to bring on World War III, but it has brought liberal insanity out of the woodwork.

The Washington Post ran a story on how the shooter sought a better life in Turkey, and other sources stated that the motive of the shooter, who was screaming “Allah Akbar” during his attack. Some sources reported that he shouted “God is great!” during the shooting, which is nice of them to translate for us – to remove all context.

The most shocking fact, however?

As Angry Patriot Movement reports:

Intelligence experts from the Turkish government have discovered Mevlut Mert Altintasm, the police officer who shot at point blank range and killed a Russian ambassador at the opening of an art gallery in Ankara, was part of an effort to get the Obama administration to grant asylum to Fetullah Gulen. 

He was the Turkish Muslim imam who was deemed responsible for the failed coup in Turkey.

According to a report by WND, the 22-year-old police officer who shouted “Allah Akbar” before killing Putin’s ambassador was involved in one of the pay-to-play schemes at Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

The pay-to-play scheme reportedly involved attempts to garner Hillary’s support of the asylum for Fetullah Gulen.

Their attempts apparently succeeded. Mevlut Mert Altintasm’s cohort is now reportedly living in Saylorsborg, Pennsylvania. The good folks of that Pennsylvania city probably have no idea such a radical man with ties to the cold-blooded murder of a Russian official, is living in their midst.

Sources close to the Turkish government told WND that Altintas became a police officer in Turkey in 2012. Gulen’s group came to power in 2014 and was known as the Fetullah Terrorist Organiation (FETO).

Investigators also learned that the killer’s sister has shared posts supporting FETO on social media. The posts urged radical Islamic militants to launch violent terrorist attacks in not just Turkey, but elsewhere around the globe. Shall we really speculate as to what his motive was anymore?

Has there ever been a single case where an obviously Islamist attack that liberals tried to pretend we should “wait for all the evidence before coming to a conclusion” about hasn’t turned out to be an Islam motivated attack? None come to mind.


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