BREAKING: Van Plows Through Christmas Shoppers, While Driver Shouts ‘Allahu akbar’


Less than 24 hours after a Muslim maniac ran into a crowd of shoppers in a popular shopping district of Dijon, France, another brutal motor vehicle attack took place in Nantes and both attacks shared a similar, terrifying theme.

The men driving the vehicles who attacked the innocent, last-minute Christmas shoppers both shouted a very familiar, chilling phrase before ramming the vehicles into the crowds, “Allahu akbar.”

Though the Arabic phrase translates to “God is great” in English, in past years it has become a chilling battle cry for radical Islamic terrorists who are hell bent on hurting and killing as many Westerners as possible.

The madman who committed the latest vehicle attack was reportedly targeting a chalet serving mulled wine. Once the initial attack was over, the driver began to furiously stab himself in a pathetic attempt at suicide. Needless to say, he failed and French police were able to arrest him. (H/T Breitbart)

Both vehicle attacks left dozens of people injured, many of them in serious condition.

Beside the attack itself, another unsettling element surrounding both incidents is something that will feel eerily familiar to most Americans.

French leaders have failed to call the string of incidents a “terrorist” attack. They simply chalk it up to coincidence that two drivers rammed their vehicles into crowds within 24 hours while shouting “Allahu akbar.”

Perhaps they’ve been spending too much time watching Obama on CNN, because that sounds exactly like something the Obama administration would do – and has done.

The attack is actually the third in a string of radical Muslim attacks in France. The first one took place just days before the vehicle attacks and involved a Muslim man running into a French police station on a stabbing spree. He left at least once officer fighting for his life when he was shot dead by French cops.

French authorities described all three attackers as “imbalanced” and refused to call them what they really were – Islamic extremists on a mission to kill.

Hopefully the French will take lessons from the Obama administration’s failure to call a terrorist attack a terrorist attack and save face with concerned French citizens.

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