BREAKING ISIS VIDEO: Shows Russian Airliner Exploding Mid-Flight And Falling To The Earth


If this is true, I sure hope Putin drops a nuke on these scumbags. If a nuke was more deserving for anyone it’s for these cockroaches.

ISIS has released a video purporting to show the final moments of the Russian jet that crashed in Egypt, killing all 224 people on board.

The terror group has claimed it downed the aircraft, but has not said how it might have done so. The horrific footage – which was posted online and cannot be verified by MailOnline – shows a large structure resembling a plane falling through the air, before being consumed by a mass of smoke.

Cairo and Moscow have denied any possible terrorism link in the incident, which was one of the deadliest Airbus crashes in the past decade.

However, it has emerged that the aircraft broke up mid-air scattering debris and bodies over a wide area. This morning, Egyptian authorities recovered the body of a three-year-old girl some five miles from the crash scene.

So far, only 163 bodies of the 224 people on board have been recovered. As a result, authorities are expanding the search perimeter to nine miles.

An Egyptian security official said: ‘We found a three-year-old girl eight kilometres from the scene.’ He said many of the bodies are missing limbs.

It comes as it has emerged that the burning Airbus A321 did not lodge an SOS call before it plummeted to he ground in the restive Sinai Peninsula.

Professor Michael Clarke, Director General of the Royal United Services Institute said early indications suggest that the jet may have been destroyed by a bomb on the aircraft.

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