BREAKING VIDEO : Trump is Providing Police Officers at “Trump Protests” With Dinner!

In September Donald Trump announced that “We Will Have So Much Winning If I Get Elected That You May Get Bored With Winning”. Dear Mr. President Elect…. keep it coming, we’re not bored yet. Once again Trump made the classy move that no one else thought of. With the dumb protests in a few towns across the nation comes many police officers working double shifts to make sure these protesters don’t hurt others or hurt themselves.

Seeing a need, Trump has created places near the police where officers can rest and eat. Oh yeah, did I mention that Trump is catering to them too? Obama had never thought to feed police officers when they’re working so hard to do his job by extension. Trump is classy and smart and has a big heart. This is the Trump I know and the Trump that we will all soon know. Good deeds don’t always have to be in the form of welfare it can just be a good deed that lightens a load.

His actions have obviously not gone unnoticed. Police Officers took to social media to post pictures or their thanks for our 45th President, Donald Trump. This Thanksgiving Trump decides to share of his abundance to show his gratitude to those who wear the uniform to protect us. What a great way to start a Presidency!

Check out the video of the spread here….

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