BREAKING! We Just Discovered What Prevented Trump From Winning By A Bigger Landslide


While Donald Trump won the Presidential election people have wondered why he did not win by a landslide in the general election. Because Hillary Clinton did. The reason is something Trump himself said would happen. Gregg Philips of found through investigation that three million illegal aliens voted. Which is voter fraud. That is illegal.

There are seven million uncounted votes while she won by only 630,000 which is incredibly close. Thus any voter fraud could have swayed the election in the right direction had their votes not tampered with the overall result.

Voter fraud is a very serious issue. One that arises during every election. Just a few weeks ago a man was arrested in California for voting on behalf of his dead grandmother and double registering his brother whose name he misspelled. Liberals will do whatever they have to to win, even if it means breaking the law.

It is also why they encourage early voting as well as stronger turnout for minorities. Because they know that some are illegally residing here but will vote anyways. As well, it is why liberals favor amnesty immigration policies because it encourages people to emigrate here illegally with the promise of getting citizenship despite breaking the law. Once they become citizens they can vote and it swings the elections in favor of Democrats.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out the democrats are not coming from a benevolent and magnanimous place. It is a matter of self preservation. They need this demographics support in order to survive otherwise they would fade off into obscurity. They also need it in order to paint themselves as maur dears worki towards a just cause all the while painting conservatives as misognyistic pigs who are the anti Christ.

It is absolutely disgusting. And now their is evidence to prove it.