BREAKING: WH Press Sec Sean Spicer Has Just Been Replaced – You Won’t Believe Who Took His Job

It is no surprise that the left has been constantly attacking the Trump administration since day one. These purveyors of fake news have done all they can to undermine the president and his staff. One of those people attacked relentlessly has been White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer. Now, there have been reports that Spicer is being replaced and who he is being replaced with has liberals shaking in their non-gender specific boots. 

Ok, I am not huge into football, but I think this analogy seems pretty damn fitting. According to the NFL Players Association, the average career length for an NFL running back is about 3.3 years. So, far the average length of a White House Press Secretary under the Trump administration is about six months. Both of these jobs are incredibly grueling and stressful and you get hit from all sides continually. Week after week we have witnessed Sean Spicer taking hit after hit from the crooked liberal media.

While in the NFL there are penalties if you do not play by the rules, in politics, there are no such rules. Sean Spicer has fought the good fight, but now it is time for a new person to take charge.

Over the past month, there have been talks of a restructuring in the White House briefing room. Now, we have learned exactly who it is and we here at Freedom Daily could not be happier.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been tapped to take over as White House Press Secretary.

When it comes to dealing with the crooked liberals Sarah Huckabee Sanders does not take any crap. The daughter of former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee always comes out swinging with her no holds barred attitude.

Here is a sampling of Sanders addressing the press during the firing of James Comey. 

While you would think that this promotion for Sarah would have liberal feminists cheering you would wrong. Not too long ago we saw their sick hypocrisy when they mocked Sarah for her weight on a Saturday Night Live skit.

We here at Freedom Daily reported on this before.

True to liberal form, disgusting leftist tossed aside their own set of rules when it comes to the treatment of women and children as long as they are conservative or associated with conservative politicians who they don’t like. Sanders, the daughter of Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, recently earned her way onto the political stage as a new press secretary which also made her a new target of attack from the left.

The brave and confident woman was recently the focus of a sick Saturday Night Live skit, like Barron Trump once was, with the joke being on her weight. “There’s really not a polite way to say this but the folks over at Saturday Night Live are a bunch of pompous, low-rent, intergluteal clefts,” Fox News reported of SNL’s fat-shaming of Sanders for laughs.

“My father is Mike Huckabee,” SNL actress Aidy Bryant’s character said in the parody, pretending to be Sanders. “My mother is a big Southern hamburger.”

It was low even for the left and an immature attack that would have never been acceptable had it been said about Michelle Obama or anyone in or associated with the previous administration. Had the tables been turned, feminists would have been screaming in the streets right now, calling it a misogynistic attack. Instead, there’s silence, other than the immature snickers of liberals who somehow find this kind of “humor” funny.

What liberals should be saying and praising about Sarah Huckabee Sanders and countless other women working in the White House under Trump, is that females are now afforded these opportunities. Barack Obama didn’t empower or employ so many women as Trump has and neither did the former First Lady who liked to act like she did. Supposed pro-feminist Hillary Clinton didn’t have a staff of women on her campaign and probably wouldn’t have in the White House either, had she made it.

As you can see these people on the left are just full of hate for anyone that opposes them.

Sarah Sanders is exactly what we need in the White House Press Room. She does not back down easily and she is smart as a whip. Now, don’t worry too much about Sean Spicer my friends. It has been reported that Spicer has a job in the White House in a different communication role. 

Spicer did a great job fending off those liberal wildebeests in the press pool as long as he did. Now, it is time for some fresh blood to combat these nasty liberal vermin. I can almost be certain that Sarah Sanders will have these lib-bots crying in their safe spaces soon enough. 

I think Trump made an amazing choice by tapping Sarah Sanders and I am sure you all agree too.


H/T [ The Gateway Pundit ]


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