BREAKING: What Rudy Giuliani Just Said to Beyonce Just Sent Black Lives Matter Into a RAGE!

Rudy Giuliani appeared on Fox News to annihilate Beyoncé for her anti cop VMA performance. Her performance which received critical acclaim featured African Americans being shot by police. Giving the appearance that people like Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown were innocent. Giuliani was not pleased at all.

He said,

“I had five uncles who were police officers, two cousins who were, one who died in the line of duty. I ran the largest and best police department in the world, the New York City Police Department. And I saved more black lives than any of those people you saw on stage by reducing crime and particularly homicide by 75 percent.”

When pushed farther about whether Beyonces performance offended him he went on to to reference the 75% he mentioned and said,

“Of which, of which maybe 4,000 or 5,000 were African-American young people who are alive today because of the policies I put in effect that weren’t in effect for 35 years. So if you’re going to do that, then you should symbolize why the police officers are in the neighborhoods and what are you going to go about it? To me it’s two easy answers: a much better education and good job, and what the heck have you done like in Baltimore, when they all stood in Baltimore,”

Giuliani was referring to the unrest in Baltimorein 2015 after the death of Freddie Gray.

I was sick when I saw all the politicians sitting, standing in Baltimore after the police situation and saying, nobody’s done anything for this community in 50 years. Well, that is a heck of a thing to say, because they’ve been in charge for 50 years. And they have failed the community. I didn’t fail Harlem. I turned Harlem around. I didn’t fail Bedford-Stuyvesant, I turned it around. Go there now. Go walk in Harlem. Then flash back to 25 years ago and go to Harlem before I was mayor, and one was a place where crime was rampant and no national stores and now there’s a thriving community in Harlem,” he said.

I think we all know where he stands.

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