BREAKING: White House Issues Infuriating Command to the US Border Patrol


The president’s job is to execute the laws of the United States. Barack Obama, however, apparently believes that his job is to purposely ignore the law — and to bring as many illegal aliens into the country as possible.

It has just been revealed that the White House gave immigration authorities a shocking order: Ask every illegal immigrant if they’re eligible for amnesty, in order to help them stay in the country.

You read that right. The officials tasked with enforcing our immigration laws have been commanded to assistaliens in breaking those very laws.

“The directive, which comes from the Department of Homeland Security, is a decided departure from normal U.S. immigration enforcement proceedings,” stated the Washington Times.

“Rather than putting immigrants in charge of proving their qualifications for staying in the United States — under the terms of Mr. Obama’s policy — it puts the government in charge of identifying those individuals who might qualify for leniency,” continued the Times.

In other words, the Obama administration now wants law enforcement agents to act more like immigration advisers, in order to assist aliens with finding ways to stay inside the border.

It gets worse. According to the Associated Press, Obama has also ordered officials to help illegal immigrants get out from behind bars.

“Federal immigration agents have also reportedly been ordered to sift through government files to see if any immigrants who are currently in jail would qualify for freedom under Mr. Obama’s amnesty order,” stated that report.

This is extremely alarming. More and more, it appears that Obama and other Democrats are pushing an agenda that goes far beyond simple amnesty.

Based on these reports, it looks like the administration will not satisfied until the border is completely open, and millions of illegal aliens flood into the country.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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