BREAKING: White House Makes Disturbing Announcement About the Bergdahl Swap (VIDEO)


Ever since it first occurred last year, there has been heated discussion surrounding the highly questionable and likely illegal unilateral White House decision to release five top Taliban leaders in exchange for a captured American soldier.

As it turns out, the captured soldier, Bowe Bergdahl, most likely deserted his post and attempted to join up with the Taliban, which resulted in good men dying during failed attempts to locate and rescue him.

It also now appears that at least some of the terrorists released from Gitmo have made attempts to reestablish contact with the Taliban, no doubt to rejoin the fight against America.

Fox News host Sean Hannity recently invited Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby on his show to discuss the Bergdahl prisoner swap, and if it was right to trade away five high-value terrorist prisoners in exchange for a deserter.

“We still stand by this decision as being the right decision,” he said. “It’s a powerful message to our troops and their families that we’re not going to leave you behind. And it doesn’t matter how you came to be missing. We’ll deal with that later, and right now, General Milley is dealing with that. We’re going to make sure we can get you home.”

Hannity also asked about the allegations of at least one of the released terrorists trying to contact the Taliban.

Kirby gave the usual political non-answer, saying that all allegations of reengagement are taken seriously, and that he was confident the Pentagon would do everything in it’s power to mitigate and contain any threat posed by the released detainees.

Although Rear Admiral Kirby seems to be a likeable guy, it is also apparent that he is little more than a paid mouthpiece for the administration, and everything he says must be taken with a shaker of salt.

Retrieving Bergdahl from the hands of the Taliban was an understandable goal, even with the high likelihood that he deserted and chose his fate.  However, the extremely lopsided deal that brought about his return was not fair, nor was it worthy.

The prisoners released by the administration will no doubt return to the fight against America in some form or fashion, even if they never pick up another weapon again, and they should never have been released, for any reason whatsoever.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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