BREAKING: Who Killed Seth Rich Was Just Revealed – Now Someone’s Worst Nightmare Just Came True

It has been over a year since the mysterious murder of Seth Conrad Rich and there are more questions than answers. Rich was murdered in a Washington D.C. park in what police have called a robbery gone wrong. However, what is suspicious about this theory is that nothing was taken from Seth Rich. In fact, his cell phone, wallet, and watch were still found on his person. But, that is not where the oddities end in this case.

As you know, Seth Rich was a disgruntled DNC staffer that was a HUGE Bernie Sanders supporter. Those who were close to Rich said that he was upset after Hillary Clinton stole the nomination from Sanders. It was reported that Rich then sent 44,000 DNC emails to WikiLeaks which showed the corruption of the Democrat party.

Seth Rich’s father even questioned the robbery motive to reporters shortly after his son’s death. “If it was a robbery — it failed because he still has his watch, he still has his money — he still has his credit cards, still had his phone so it was a wasted effort except we lost a life.”

Now, a private team of investigators has been looking into Rich’s death and what they found spells bad news for the killers. 

The mainstream media has been pushing that the murder of Rich was just a botched robbery. However, The Profiling Project made up of various George Washington University forensic psychology graduate students, have released an executive summary of its initial findings, among which they claim Rich’s June 10, 2016, death “does not appear to be a robbery gone bad.”

Three months ago The Project Profiling group took on this case in order to help the police narrow down who killed Seth Rich. The group explained that “The goal of PP was to create as strong a profile of Seth Rich as possible, that profile would then be compared to the various profiles of the theories surrounding Seth’s death.”

So, after that profile was sifted through and compiled these investigators were able to make a shocking conclusion. Project Profiling was able to conclude that Seth Rich’s death was “by a hired killer or a serial murderer”.

Here is an excerpt from what Project Profiling found.

“On May 8, 2017, PP accomplished its’ goal by locating an additional security camera at the Flagler Market which was observed on May 4, 2017, to have a clear view of the intersection of W St. NW and Flagler Place NW,” the group states.

The investigation also found Seth’s killer would have had an “in-depth understanding of law-enforcement procedures” due to an “actively managed” crime scene which left behind no evidence.

“The crime scene was very organized to the point of being sanitized,” the project’s summary states. “This would indicate careful planning on the part of the offender, control of the entry to and exit from the crime scene as well as in-depth understanding of law-enforcement investigative processes.”

“Such an Offender would lend to the notion that Seth was targeted, as the experienced criminal would leave little to chance,” the group writes elsewhere in its report.

And, that was not all that was discovered in the report. The group also noted that at the crime scene that there were no firearms casings reported to be found. This shows that the killer or killers knew exactly what they were doing. If this were, in fact, a robbery went wrong it would be a crime of opportunity and the scene much more chaotic.

You can read the entire report HERE.

Here is the periscope video of the press conference today in Washington D.C.

This explains why the left has been doing their best to keep this case from being really investigated. The DNC does not want the public to know what happened here since it would be their demise. Now, that these independent investigators have pieced together what happened that tragic night it is only a matter of time before the killers are found. 

You know that Hillary Clinton and her minions must be panicking after these findings have been revealed. That has been evident in the way that the mainstream media and DNC insiders have reacted to this case. A month ago, WND was suspended from Twitter for 12 hours after revealing that Donna Brazile reportedly panicked over the private investigation into the death of staffer Seth Rich. It was revealed that Donna Brazile actually poked her nose into the investigation. Now, why would Brazile poke around into an investigation if there was nothing to it, right? So, when WND reported on that fact it was immediately given a suspension from Twitter. The social media giant even confirmed with images that the tweet is what gave them the 12-hour ban.

It is quite obvious that the tweet did not violate a damn thing, but rather pointed to the sinister truth of Rich’s death. Brazile is a high-ranking member of the DNC and I am quite sure she knows the truth of Rich’s death and how Hillary Clinton plays into it.

It is only a matter of time before the truth comes tumbling out over this murder. Seth Rich and his family deserve justice as well as the American people. For too long we have been lied to and controlled by the Deep State and now is the time to flush them out.

Get ready folks, the truth is about to be revealed. 


H/T [ InfoWars ]

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