BREAKING: WikiLeaks Reveals SICK Thing Hillary Did While Our Men In Benghazi Died!

One of the controversies that people have not been able to get passed is Hillary’s failure to save our American soldiers and embassy workers in the 2012 Benghazi, Libya terrorist attack. The Wikileaks dumps by Julian Assange have shown time and time again that she is a corrupt and amoral politician who cares about nobody but herself. Now, new emails that were released prove that Clinton did in fact ignore requests for assistance in Benghazi during the time of the attacks. Despite her protestations otherwise.

An email thread exclusively show a picture of the consulate for the United States where they ask for an increased level of security and assistance in the months prior to the attacks on September 11th, 2012.




The emails show that Clinton was warned of signs that indicated a possible terrorist attack in the weeks prior to the actual attack. These signs forced Red Cross officials to temporarily suspend all of their own activities. The emails show that their is no veracity to the Democrat’s statements that a Youtube video was to blame for the events that night. Making her actions before Congress even more reprehensible considering the fact that she knew she was wrong and that what she was saying was a lie. Which is perjury.

Add that to a long list of felonies she has committed under her belt.


The media has never reported the real truth about what happend to our Americans in Benghazi on that tragic night. This reveals the real truth. That their were plenty of warning signs that indicated a possible terrorist attack. Clinton ignored them and allowed Americans to stay their despite understand the deteriorating situation that was going on. Which makes her a failure as a leader and as Secretary of State and thus she should not be entrusted as President of the United States.

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