Breathtaking photos: Stunning display of world solidarity in defiance of Islamist terror


The Islamist terrorists who killed 12 people at a French magazine in paris on Wednesday were aiming to terrify the world.

What they did instead was united millions in support of free speech.

In London, paris and Berlin, supporters thronged to downtown plazas to express support for the  Charlie Hebdo, which was raided Wednesday by two Islamists screaming “Allahu akbar!” to commit murder over the magazine’s cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

Bearing signs proclaiming “Je suis Charlie” (French for “I am Charlie”) the crowds were a sign that maybe Europe, in the process of being overrun by Muslim immigrants, might be waking up. Usually, it’s the “right wing” that gets tagged for being behind pro-Europe protests.

The size and nature of these demonstrations makes it clear how widely reviled Wednesday’s murders are.

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It makes you wonder if our politically correct, multicultural elites are really listening.

—Courtesy of BizPac Review

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