HOLY CRAP! Brian Williams Just Tried To School Trump About Reporting The Facts! WATCH It BLOW UP In His FACE!

Brian Williams just said the funniest thing he’s ever said in ages. It was completely accidental, but what he said about President Trump is blowing up in his face BIG TIME!

You know Brian Williams, he was there when… (insert any historic event here).

Here’s what Brian said as a reply to USA Today Senior Politics Reporter Heidi Przybyla as she talked about Trump attacking the media:

On Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour,” anchor Brian Williams argued President Trump’s criticisms of the media were “Because when you reduce the media enough in prestige, they — when they do report facts, those facts are diminished.”


Here’s the part where it blows up in Brian Williams face! Twitter exploded on this quote!!

When I want honesty and integrity in my news, I always turn to Brian Williams.

How does Brian Williams have a job in the media? I thought making up fake news and telling lies would get you fired? I guess not! I should apply for a job at MSNBC. I was there when OJ committed murder. I was hiding in a tree, saw the whole thing. They wouldn’t let me testify.

I was also there when Moses built the Ark. I walked two zebras into it myself. Then I held stones so Noah could write the Ten Commandments in which we live upon.***

If you can prove that I was not there, then is it true?


Brian Williams commenting on truth in the media is hilarious. What does he know about that? Didn’t he shoot Osama Bin Laden? Wasn’t he there when 300 soldiers fought the Persian Army? He served six tours in Iraq too, right?

It’s always fun and games when someone in the mainstream media says something stupid and Twitter blows up on them. Social media sure has a lot of comedians!

*** I switched the names on purpose. Anyone catch that? That’s how I know you’re paying attention.

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