BRITS ARE PISSED: All Hell Is Breaking Out And Muslim Migrants Are on the Receiving End (IMAGES)

Funny how the liberal media calls these patriots facist for supporting their country!

via DailyMail: One is a blood-soaked tattooed skinhead with ‘EDL’ inked onto his scalp; the other is a steely faced blonde wearing vintage knitwear.

These are the different faces of Britain’s fascists patriots – pictured at a violent anti-immigration rally where thugs daubed swastikas on coaches with their blood.

A man holds a St George's flag with the words 'Refugees not welcome' scrawled on it as a group of men converge in the background 

The young woman – one of very few females at the protest in Dover – wore a sticker on her face reading ‘FCK ISIS’ and ‘South Easy Alliance’, a group which describes itself as an ‘angry, white and proud’ street movement.

She stood in stark contrast to the angry middle-aged man, who was pictured bellowing at anti-fascist protesters with blood dripping from his face.

A far-right protester with a bald head and covered in blood bellows at the anti-fascist demonstrators, as the protests turned ugly in Dover

A girl from South East Alliance holds a placard accusing left-wing activists of not taking in refugees from war-torn regions 

A man launches a punch at a counter protester as scenes turned violent in Dover - which is the gateway to the UK 

Nine people have been arrested and more than 20 weapons seized, including a lock-knife, knuckle duster, pieces of wood, glass, hammers and bricks.

The city has been the scene of an ongoing standoff between anti-fascists and right-wing groups led by a resurgent National Front.

Prior to the protests in Dover’s Market Square, there were reports of an altercation at Maidstone service station just before 11am, where coaches carrying pro-immigration protesters from London came under attack.

Several coaches had their windows smashed and one man was arrested on suspicion of possessing an offensive weapon.

Police wearing helmets attempt to control the crowds following the demonstration at 1pm today (pictured are the far-right protesters)

A skinhead with blood pouring from both his eyes was among the protesters in Dover today for an anti-immigration rally 

A coach travelling from Goldsmith University in London to Dover had its windscreen smashed in by the far-right protesters 

One demonstrator, dressed in all black and carrying a rucksack, holds a purple smoke bomb during the march

A blood-soaked bald man with blood streaming down his face and with 'EDL' tattooed on his fingers glares at the medics on the scene

The Scottish Defence League were also out in force in Dover today - as far-right gropus came together to protest against immigration

Police described today’s violence as a 'fast moving and ongoing incident' - and several people were arrested

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