BROKE ASS HILLARY Was Given a $32 Million Gift By a Bahrain Prince! What Did She Give In Return?

Documents released by the Department of State have shown that after donating upwards of $32 million to the Clinton Foundation the Crown Prince of Bahrain got a private audience with the them Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Can you spell corruption and career politician.

Judicial Watch released the documents on Monday which includes emails from Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation executive named Doug Band. As well as Huma Abedim whose a former Clinton State Department aide and insider. The emails appear to show Abedim as basically the middle woman between the donors of the foundation and Hillary Clinton.

The emails between Abedim and Band arguably show that in order for the Crown Prince of Bahrain to meet with Secretary Clinton he would have to go through the Clinton Foundation first. Hillary Clinton had initially declined requests from Primce Salman to meet.

The original email was first dated June 23, 2009. Band references the Crown Primce as a good friend of theirs. Abedim indicated and responded to Band that Prince Salman had attempted to meet Clinton through regular channels but Clinton was disinterested. An email a few days later on June 25 shows Abedin and Band offering a 10 A.M. meeting with Clinton.

Salman was one of the largest donors to the Clinton Foundation to date. He pledged millionsof dollars  to the Clinton Global Initiative,man other Clinton subsidiary through the Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Program (CRISP) that he had influence and rule over. A year later in 2010, he had given upwards of $32 million to the initiative personally and through CRISP.

In addition to that, the Kingdom of Bahrain allegedly gave approximately $50,000 to $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation, while the corporation Bahrain Petroleum gave $25,000 to $50,000. That’s not small change. A million here a million there, eventually you’re talking some real money. Real money has real powerful influence.


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