Buckingham Palace Makes Sad Announcement About Queen Elizabeth – She Needs Your Prayers

Everyone deals with grief differently. Some try to go out of their way to not think about their dearly departed, while others will do whatever it takes to keep that person in the forefront of their consciousness, as a tribute to those that they miss. Hopefully, over time the ability to talk about those people comes easier.

This is especially true if you live a life that can’t be easily identified with. This makes for the really good friendships to be few and far between. That is the case with royal families for many reasons. The most prevalent of which is that for the sake of safety, the potential friend pool is shrunk considerably. Also, there aren’t just a whole lot of people who can relate to the life that a royal lives. Yes, it’s charmed in many ways, but it’s also more complicated, and at times frustrating in many ways. Any time that you find a good friend and confidant, royal or not, you should hold on to them tightly.

The English queen lost such a friend years ago, and she’s not ready to forget about it yet. Her tribute to her friend is nothing short of touching.

Via Daily Mail:

“So THAT’S what’s in her handbag! The Queen clutches a purse emblazoned with her friend Archduchess Helen of Austria as she leaves her 80th birthday party at The Ivy

The exact contents of the Queen’s ever-present handbag have long been a subject of speculation, but now she has a new addition to keep her coins in.

Her Majesty was seen carrying a bespoke coin purse last night, as she made a rare outing for dinner to The Ivy in London, which had been personalised with an image of a woman with two children.

The picture shows her long-standing friend and relative, Archduchess Helen of Austria, who is also a cousin of the Duke of Edinburgh.

Known in royal circles as Helen of Hapsburg, she is a member of the ‘inner circle’ of the Europe’s reigning and once-reigning royalty, as her mother was the late Princess Elizabeth of Greece.

She was a close friend of the Queen’s later sister, Princess Margaret, and knows most of the British royal family including Prince and Princess Michael of Kent and Princess Alexandra.
The archduchess and her family hired out the famous London eaterie on Thursday night for a party to celebrate her 80th birthday and the purses were given to the guests as gifts as they departed.

Archduchess Helen is the daughter of Count Carl Theodor zu Toerring-Jettenbach and Princess Elisabeth of Greece.

She married Archduke Ferdinand of Austria in 1956 and the couple spent five happy decades together before his death in 2004.

The couple had three children Elisabeth, who sadly died in 1983, Sophie and Maximilian.
For last night’s outing, the Queen looked elegant in a silver embellished ensemble and even donned a pair of heels for the celebratory occasion.”

It’s such beautiful imagery that she decided to bring a reminder of her great friend on her special day. The queen is such a regal mystery to most of us, that it’s easy to forget that royals go through the exact same transition in life that the rest of us do. The Queen’s being so advanced in age, and chances are, she doesn’t have many lifelong friends left.

Via Truth Monitor:

“Last year, Margaret’s daughter Sarah Chatto talked about how close the Queen and Margaret were as she watched old footage of the pair singing together as children in a documentary to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday.

‘It’s very revealing how that closeness started and that never got weaker,’ she explained.

Royal insiders say that the Queen has become incredibly close to Chatto since the death of her sister.

‘The Queen adores Sarah and seeks out her company as often as possible. She is her absolute favourite younger Royal,’ an insider said. ‘They are hugely at ease in each other’s company. Much giggling can be heard when they are together. They share a sense of loyalty, fun, duty and the ridiculous.'”

When we think about what will happen here on earth after we’re gone, I think the most we can hope for is to have made a positive impact and to be fondly remembered by those we loved. If we our God, family and country in some way, hopefully, that is enough. Thanks to those who remember the people who were loyal to them in this life, and don’t let the beautiful memories fade.

(Source: Daily Mail)

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