What this bulletin board at a college claims about black people and crime is completely insane


College is no longer the place where students are trained and prepared for the larger world that awaits. Today, college is now more like Disneyland- full of fantasies and feel-good notions of how students wish life could be rather than how life actually is.

In response to the recent cases that have highlighted white police officers and back offenders, many people have rightfully noted that black-on-black criminality is of much greater concern for blacks, statistically and in real numbers, than white officers shooting black offenders.  But defenders of black victimization (regardless of color), under the umbrella protest theme of “black lives matter,” actively ignore this reality because it undermines their intentions of continuing the racial narrative that sees blacks as perpetual victims of “white privilege” and other racist manifestation of the ideological Left.

Students at Mount Holyoke College are a case in point. From Campus Reform:

Black on black crime doesn’t exist, according to a bulletin board at Mount Holyoke College.

“Myth: Black on Black crime exists,” reads the board posted in one of MHC’s residential dorms. “Reality: There is no such thing as ‘Black on Black’ crime.”

The post states that the “reality” of the situation is that there is no such thing as “black on black” crime, and uses several quotes from a Daily Beast article by Jamelle Bouie to prove its point. The bulletin appeared this week in Mount Holyoke’s Rockefeller Hall.”

The bulletin board attempts to dispel the “myth” of black on black crime by equating it with “white on white” crime statistics.

The board also claims that black on black crime is not “uniquely bad” and violent crime is not on the rise. The bulletin board also said that it’s a myth that “crime is prevalent within the black community.”




No such thing?

Unfortunately the stats regarding black criminality in Chicago alone simply don’t agree with these “myth”-denying students at Holyoke College.  And this very false claim certainly doesn’t agree with the evidence that says close to 94 percent of all black murder victims are killed by other blacks.

Further dismissing black criminality by appealing to white criminality is the distraction of moral equivalence. Of course, most crime is intraracial and it doesn’t make the scourge of black violence any less real. But blacks are the ones making moral fools of themselves demonstrating and protesting against the “epidemic” of police killings of black offenders- a statistical anomaly- while actively ignoring an actual epidemic that disproportionally affects them in very real and negative ways.

This moral equivalence also attempts to absolve blacks from personal responsibility. These foolish students- and everyone who holds to this line of emotionalism- want to maintain focus on white guilt and white contributions to black problems “proving” that whites are still racist.

I’d love to see these stupid college students organize a trip to Chicago’s South Side, Detroit, Philadelphia, Oakland or any ghetto in the country to see first hand the ‘myth’ of black criminality.

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