Bully Picks On Wrong Teen Girl, Pays The Price (VIDEO)

Teenagers can be brutal to one another… especially girls. They are cruel and vicious many times to those they look down on. In this video, you see a teen girl who is talking to a number of teenagers at a football game. They start talking smack to the girl and she tells them she doesn’t know who they are.

They tell her to walk the f**k away. Then one of the bully girls pours water on the girl’s head. She didn’t even hesitate. She grabbed the offending girl by the leg and pulled her out of the bleachers into a fence. Game on.

At first, I thought the girl yanked out of the stands was going over the fence, which might have killed her, but that didn’t happen. Instead, the girl she bullied kicked the ever loving crap out of her. Then the hair pulling began and people finally pulled them apart. The bully got what she deserved and probably had worse coming.

From American Now:

A bully was caught on video (below) pouring water on a teen girl’s head, and getting a major dose of instant karma in return.

In the video, a girl is seen talking to two others at what appears to be a football game. The two girls taunt the teen, who can be heard saying “I don’t know you,” before being told to “walk the f**k away.”

One of the two apparent bullies then takes out a water bottle and pours it over the girl’s head, prompting her to become irritated. She grabs the girl’s leg and pulls her from the bleachers where she was standing, causing her to crash into a fence.

Thankfully a couple of students intervened in the fight. The video went viral for obvious reasons. Many applauded the girl for standing up for herself. I do too. I don’t know what that other girl’s problem is other than being full of herself and just mean, but she needs to be taken down a peg or two.

“F**king popular kids in a nutshell,” one viewer wrote. “Feel bad for the girl that got water poured on her.” That about sums up how I feel about this fight as well. The girl didn’t ask for a fight, but she sure has heck wasn’t walking away from one. Good for her. If you are going to be a bully and act like a barbaric animal, you get exactly what you deserve. Case in point.

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