Bully Talks Smack For The Last Time, Gets What He Deserves..THIS IS EPIC! (WATCH)

HAHAHA! OK, THIS IS A FIGHT! So brutal, the guy’s pants fell down! Morale to the story? Don’t be a freaking Moron!!!  

A bully has picked on a fellow classmate for the last time after his intended victim decided to stand up for himself.

The video starts out in a gym locker room, where one student – the bully – is acting in a confrontational manner and reaches out in an antagonistic way. With a smile on his face, the bully tries to provoke a physical altercation with an irritating graze when his intended victim had just about enough, grabbing the bully by the wrist and giving him one last warning.

He should have listened.

As he couldn’t allow for the little thug to disrespect him like that – especially in front of all his peers – he decided to teach him a lesson. The first swing, which was a failure to say the least, was the only one the bully got in as he spent the rest of his time fending off his “inferior” foe.

Needless to say, the bully was curled up in the fetal position by the end of the fight.

Via Mad World News

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