BURGER FLIPPERS BEWARE: Machines could replace half of jobs over next 20 years…


As the left pushes for higher wages, businesses are looking towards technology for more automated cheap process.

This is creating a smaller workforce for those without an education and will only further make a larger gap between the working class and unemployed.

From Bisbane Times

Robots and computer programs could almost wipeout human workers in jobs from cooks to truck drivers, a visiting researcher has warned.

Driverless cars and even burger-flipping robots are among the technological advancements gunning for low-skilled jobs across dozens of industries.

University of Oxford Associate Professor in machine learning Michael Osborne has examined the characteristics of 702 occupations in the US, predicting 47 per cent will be overtaken by computers in the next decade or two.

Those most at-risk jobs are in accommodation and food services (87 per cent of workers at high risk of being replaced), transportation and warehousing (75 per cent) and real estate.

This is not a major issue yet, but it’s creeping into our lives more each year.

Look at McDonald’s they are leading the push to automate their process.

Let this be a lesson to all who complain about not making enough money, get an education, or you may never have a job in the near future.


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