Business Owner Compares Obama To President Kennedy And It’s Damn HILARIOUS!

When President Obama was elected he sold some feel good promises to Americans all over the country. He would fix the recession, bring more business into the United States, end gun violence and decrease racial tensions. But as his eight years begin to come to a close we can all collectively agree he has achieved NONE of those.

Racial tension is at an all time high after riots in Ferguson and Baltimore. Unemployment and small businesses are at an all time low. Gun violence and Islamic terrorism continues to grow. But…. he’s still a success… he has increased the amount of gender neutral bathrooms in America for transgender Americans.

Something that less than four percent of the entire U.S. population is effected by.

George W. Bush attacked Iraq after the September 11th attacks showing the world America is not to be messed with. George H.W. Bush ended the Cold War. John F. Kennedy saved our country from nuclear war and destruction with communists, and he was the first person to put a man in the moon.

What is President Obama’s great accomplishment? That’s right! Creating gender inclusive bathrooms. I’m sure all of the homeless veterans, refugees fleeing persecution, molested migrant girls who were tortured by ISIS, and homeless children are applauding him as we speak. NOT!!

Maybe we might have respect for him if he acknowledged publically his failings and inabilities but this man is so completely shameless he doesn’t see the folly of his ways which is the most disturbing part.

But this small business owner below perfectly describes how we all feel about President Obama and his “extraordinary” legacy with an ingenious billboard in front of his establishment.

You should soak up this opportunity before the liberal nut jobs complain and whine to have it taken down and make up some obscure law that prohibits it from being up.

Take a look and comment below if you agree.

obama bathroom lol

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